Yindyamarra (Respect)

In Australia in many tribal areas it is considered highly offensive for women to play Didjeridoo.

Please Respect these local traditions.


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Who is Lewis Burns?


Why learn from this Bloke?

Lewis is an international performer who makes concert quality didgeridoos. He gives didgeridoo performances and runs didgeridoo workshops not only across Australia but internationally as well.

He is a traditional and contemporary Wiradjuri artist from the Talbragar (Dubbo) area better known to the local Aboriginal community as Tubba-Gah Wiradjuri Country.

Lewis has exhibited his artworks globally and his artworks are included in international art collections. On occasion, Lewis teaches at TAFE (Community Colleges) and in Prison and Detention Centre programs.

"What I do comes under the banner of "Survival of Australian Aboriginal Culture. I love to learn about my culture and pass this knowledge onto the younger generation, this is what is going to keep our culture strong.
I believe by introducing people around the world to the didjeridoo will help strengthen the knowledge of Australian Aboriginal culture" 
says Lewis.
Lewis has performed in many Countries around the world and is often invited to perform at festivals that have a focus on Indigenous People, Didjeridoo, Australia and Australia Indigenous culture.